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HP has unveiled an updated version of its modular Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD), expanding its capacity with a “double-wide” design that joins two 40-foot containers. The new EcoPOD also adds the ability to use outside air in its cooling system, an important capability in the increasingly competitive  market for modular data centers.

HP says the EcoPOD can house as many as 44 industry standard racks of IT equipment in two rows, a configuration enabled by the wider design, which features two cold aisles and a shared eight-foot wide hot aisle in the center of the unit. A cooling module atop the EcoPOD offers several options, including the use of outside air or Direct Expansion (DX) cooling, based on conditions. HP says the unit compresses the workload of a 10,000 square foot data center into 900 square feet, and can be available in about three months.

“While the EcoPOD serves a broad range of customer data center needs, I expect we will see a number of HPC cluster deployments in EcoPOD based on the early configurations HP’s HPC Competency Center has worked on this year,” writesMarc Hamilton, HP’s vice president for HPC (link via InsideHPC). “A single HP POD 240a can easily contain a complete PetaFlop cluster and with an industry leading PUE your PetaFlop cluster will cost substantially less to power than a similar cluster running in almost any existing data center.”

The EcoPOD is currently available in limited qualities to HP clients, with broader availability expected at the end of 2011 in North America and globally in 2012. But early adopters like the new form factor.

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